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Get Paid to Move to the Midwest? Meet Evansville’s Relocation Program: Belong Here

Get paid to live where the job market is greener, and the Midwest Magic is in full bloom? Sign me up!

Whether you’ve moved once or you’ve moved a million times, there’s one thing that always rings true: it’s not about the journey; it’s about the destination. And while getting paid to move to one of the friendliest regions of the country sounds too good to be true, we’re here to tell you that it’s not.

But if the thought of relocating is giving those stress-y vibes, then the Belong Here program incentives may change your mind. From free memberships to a relocation stipend and eligibility requirements, learn more about the Belong Here talent attraction program and whether it’s the right fit for you.

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What Is the Belong Here Program?

The Belong Here program is a talent attraction program dedicated to sharing our love of all things in the Evansville Region with, well, everyone. It’s a neighborly endeavor between e is for everyone and the Evansville Regional Economic Partnership that’s committed to sharing our passion for all things in the region, one day at a time.

Talent attraction programs aren’t technically a new concept, but it was long past time for Evansville to create its own initiative. That’s because Evansville has grown and become a place where there’s a little something for everyone, no matter who they are, where they’re from, or how long they’ve lived in the Evansville Region. This place is just too good not to share.

e - or Evansville, that is - truly is for everyone.

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Why the Evansville Region?

As Indiana’s second-largest city, the greater Evansville Metro area has a population of just under 318,000, which makes it the perfect combination of a thriving big city and a charming small town. So whether you prefer to spend your free time frolicking through old-growth forests or dining at one of the trendiest new restaurants, there’s a little something for everyone here in e-ville. 

For you travel junkies, we know that there will just be some times where you gotta scratch that itch. So if you’re feeling like you need to stretch your legs a little bit, you can find everything from underground spelunking through caves to wildlife rescue parks, all less than a 2-hour drive from your new hometown. 

Evansville also boasts a cost of living that’s 18% lower than the national average. So, instead of having to set aside most of your paycheck for all that boring (but essential) stuff like rent, utilities, and insurance, your wallet can breathe a little easier. Plus, all that extra change can fund more day trips - or more date nights; the choice is yours!

But wait, there’s more…! Many people choose to live in and around big metropolitan hubs because of the career opportunities; it just makes cents 😉 But gone are the days when you had to sacrifice quality of life for your dream career. Now, you can enjoy those small-town, Midwestern Magic vibes with the same world-class professional opportunities. Evansville is home to countless thriving employers, with everything from startups to Fortune 500 company headquarters.

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Eligibility Requirements & How to Apply

We’d love for everyone to apply for the Belong Here program, but there are just a few requirements you’ll need to consider before filling out that application.

  • You currently live outside the state of Indiana and outside Greater Evansville, IN-KY (includes Henderson County, Kentucky).

  • You commit to moving to the Evansville, Indiana Region (Gibson, Posey, Warrick, Vanderburgh Counties in Indiana) for at least two years.

  • You must prove employment in the Evansville, IN Region (Gibson, Posey, Warrick, Vanderburgh Counties). Remote workers, gig workers, and self-employed workers are not eligible.

  • Your individual income is over $60,000.

  • You agree to provide employment and residency documentation to determine eligibility.

Hey, even if you don’t technically check all those boxes, we’d still love to have you live here and discover what it’s like to be an e resident. If you’re a remote worker who's still interested in joining the e crew, you can find more relocation resources at the Make My Move relocation incentive marketplace.

Ready to Make the Move? Pack Your Bags Today

Grab your moving boxes and that packing tape; it’s time to relocate to Evansville. Whether it’s the irresistable lure of local farmer’s markets, all those insta-worthy spots, or even the best coworking spaces in the region, you’ll soon discover why it’s effortlessly easy to call Evansville home. It’s a place where you’ll meet neighbors that feel like friends and friends that feel like family.

Visit belonghere-evansvilleregion.com to explore the program!