Do You Have Midwest Magic?

Midwest Magic

Do you feel the call of the Midwest in you? ✨

Like a moth to the flame, something beckons you home. 

Maybe it’s your mom’s meatloaf… Maybe it’s the Grippos… Maybe it’s the slower pace of life… Or maybe, just maybe… it’s the Midwest Magic. 


🤔 What’s Midwest Magic, you say? 

🔥 Here are 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Know if You Have Midwest Magic: 

1. You treat strangers like family. You can have a whole conversation, and when you walk away, your friend asks “who was that?” and you have to admit you have no idea. 
2. You’ve given directions based on landmarks. “Take a right when you get to the house with blue shutters” isn’t helpful, but somehow we always get to where we’re going. 

3. You know the difference between “Yeah, no” and “No, yeah”.
4. Casseroles are their own category in the food pyramid. 

5. You hold the door for the next person, no matter how far away they are. Your momma raised you right!

6. You can smell a storm coming. And when it arrives, you stand on the porch to watch. Tornado warning? Nahh!

7. You do that friendly half smile when passing strangers on the street… you know the one!

8. You use wholesome phrases like “ope”, “looks like we got here just in time”, “it’s not hot, it’s just humid”, “geeze Louise”, “for cryin’ out loud”, or “welp”.

9. You know, definitively, that Puppy Chow is the best snack! 

10. You’re guilty of the long-goodbye… you said “welp” 36 minutes ago, Sharon! It’s time to go!
Corn-e Midwest Magic

Well? Do you have the magic?

If you answered yes, then “welcome home”, friend! 


No? Aw, Shucks! We can teach you our ways.

Midwest Magic is for everyone! Order ranch with every meal, and you’ll fit right in! 

Midwest Magic (4)-minReady to make your move to the Evansville Region? 
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