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Is The Evansville Region The Perfect Place To Call Home? Hint: Yes

The Evansville riverfront and skyline

If picture-perfect outdoor spaces, more room in the budget for extracurriculars, and drool-worthy diverse dining experiences are your thing, then this one's for you...

🔎If you’re on the hunt for your next hometown, then you know that it can feel more daunting than an endless corn maze at the Summer fair. From the cost of living to career opportunities and even nightlife and dining, it might feel like checking all those must-have boxes will require a hometown from a rom-com movie.

But we’re here to show you that you can have everything on your wishlist - and more ✅What’s the secret to finding your new favorite hometown? Meeting a little place we like to call home: Evansville, Indiana.

Understanding the Midwest Magic of the Evansville Region

Our Region is chock full of that indescribable ✨Midwest Magic✨ It’s more of a feeling - a way of life if you will. And if you’ve never experienced it firsthand, it can be difficult to describe it. Take a splash of the scent of caramel corn at the Fall fair, add in a dash of freshly cut lawns on tree-lined boulevards, and top it all of with neighbors that feel more like family than friends and you’ll have the perfect recipe for Midwest Magic.

So why is the Evansville Region filled to the brim with the kind of Midwest Magic that’ll make you feel like you’ve lived here forever? It all comes down to the perfect mixture of work and play. By day, you get to enjoy the more adult-y aspects of Evansville: world-class career opportunities, low cost of living, and some of the best educational opportunities in the nation. But after the sun goes down, you can spend your time creating cherished lifelong memories with vast, seemingly endless green spaces, vibrant and eclectic nightlife, and festivals that’ll have you singing along to bands on your neighbor’s front porch 🎶

It’s this Midwest Magic that creates a place to not just live but thrive. In Evansville, it costs less to do the things that leave you feeling deliciously fulfilled. Whether you’ve just graduated, you’re looking to return, or even ready to take your career to the next level, there’s a place for everyone here. 

e is for everyone - Evansville - North Main Street - Turonis - Alex Morgan Imaging

5 Undeniable Reasons Why Our Region Is the Perfect Place for You to Call Home

Yes, Midwest Magic will only add so much sparkle when you call a place home. Ultimately, it’s not just about finding a place that feels homey; it’s also about finding a place that makes adulting a little bit easier and a whole lot more enjoyable.

Here are five of the most undeniable reasons that you’ll love to call the Evansville Region your home 🏡

The Supportive & Welcoming Community

Sure, our region may be located in the Midwest, but its proximity to the South also means that residents have absorbed some of that glorious Southern charm and hospitality. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more supportive and welcoming community. The Evansville Region is a place where everyone (yes, everyone) is welcome. Most likely, it’s only a matter of time before your neighbors drop off a hot dish or batch of freshly-baked cookies 🍪 to welcome you to the area. You call it a warm welcome; we call it a friendly hello.

Unparalleled Local Outdoor Recreation

If you would have guessed that the largest old-growth forest within city limits is reserved only for cities in the Pacific Northwest, then you’d be seriously underestimating Evansville’s green spaces. With over 200 acres of hardwood forest, Wesselman Woods is the largest tract of old-growth forest within city limits in the entire U.S. Here, you can find a sense of peace and connection thanks to the towering trees that date back over 400 years 🌳 But if a walk in the woods isn’t your thing, then you can also check out the local skatepark or Mesker Park Zoo & Botanical Gardens to enjoy everything the great outdoors has to offer.

A Location Perfect for Exploring

Worried about scratching that wanderlust itch when you move to Evansville? 🗺️ Don’t fret. When you need to stretch your legs, Evansville’s geographical location makes it the ideal place if you like taking day trips. Take a night out on the town or spend a weekend in the bustling cities of Lousiville, Nashville or even Saint Louis. Or if you’d rather get away from civilization to places that are just a smidge less people-y, you can discover some of the best spelunking and hiking that you can find within a two-hour drive from Evansville in Marengo, IN, Harrisburg, IL or a short trip over the river to Henderson, KY.

Diverse Dining & Extracurriculars

From foodies to foodpreneurs, Evansville is the place for connoisseurs and coffee snobs alike. Expand your culinary horizons with buzzy new restaurants featuring locally-grown produce and gastronomic wizards who will delight (and maybe befuddle) your tastebuds 🤤 You can find a mind-boggingly diverse selection of restaurants, pubs, breweries, and cafes in the Evansville Region, which means you’ll never get bored of the same ole, same ole. Sample sushi at Domo, stop by for award-winning locally-brewed beer at Turoni’s, or take your tastebuds abroad with the Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern fare at Cafe Arazu.

Your Budget Goes Further

You work hard for your money, and in this region, your money works harder for you. With a cost of living that’s 8% lower than the national average and housing prices at a whopping 26% lower than the national average, your wallet will thank you for calling Evansville home 💸 With extra wiggle room in the budget, you’ll be able to spend more on things that mean the most to you; whether that’s on museum or zoo memberships, dining out, or even home improvement projects, you can spend less time worrying about making ends meet and more time on making the memories that’ll last a lifetime.

The Signs Are Clear; You Belong Here 📍

Whether you're an outdoor adventurer, corporate ladder climber, or even a future homemaker, there's no doubt about it - you belong here. The region, you, fido, and even the family can enjoy life at a slower pace. But don't let that fool you into thinking you'll get bored. Thanks to the countless museums, green spaces, and cultural activities, there's never a shortage of fun, affordable activities for all ages and interests. Now, all that's left to do is to pack your bags and get ready to experience Evansville for yourself.

Ready to make the move? Learn more about the Belong Here relocation incentive program that will pay you to move to the Evansville Region.

Did you know?

The cost of living in Evansville is 8% lower than the national average, and housing is 26% cheaper on average.