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Ben's e-story: Making a Difference

Ben Trockman e-story Evansville

East side of Evansville born and raised, on the playground is where Ben Trockman spent most of his days. Whether that is completely accurate or not, Ben does love this community and has a passion for making it an even better place. 

Ben would tell you that in the Evansville Region you’re only one lunch or coffee away from the person you need to meet to accomplish your goals or make your dream a reality. He’s not wrong. The Evansville Region strikes the perfect balance — it's large enough to offer most amenities, small enough to be individually known, and welcoming enough to take charge and make your mark. 

For Ben, "home" means more than just a physical location. It's that comforting feeling you get as you navigate from one place to another, knowing that you'll always encounter friendly and familiar faces along the way. It's a place where deep connections with people are nurtured and cherished. Somewhere you care enough to volunteer your time and talents; a place that lights a desire in you to find a way to make it an even better place. Ben has done just that and continues to find ways to contribute. He wouldn’t tell you that himself (darn, that classic Midwest humility!), but we can. :)  

Ben is at home in the Evansville Region and the rest of us are lucky to have him. Learn more about this Fresh Prince in the story below



After Ben Trockman sustained a spinal cord injury in 2006, he rediscovered his identity and began advocating for people with disabilities in the Evansville Region.

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Making a Difference

“One of my proudest accomplishments is helping to usher in a Complete Streets Ordinance. What does that mean? Our City Engineer and city in general will not build streets without considering inclusion of walk lanes and bike lanes in every facet. Those are the projects that I get excited about.”