Cello, There!

Kim's e-story: The Sound of Evansville

Everytime you see Kim Wren, you learn something new about her. She’s complex, yet incredibly relatable. Kim’s passionate about the community she calls home and uses her superpowers for good any chance she gets. If you’re in Haynie’s Corner on the weekend, you’ll likely run into this beautiful soul and you should absolutely say hi!

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Finding Home 

“I live in the best neighborhood in Evansville: Haynie's Corner.”


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When communities are looking to attract newcomers, Kim fits the mold to a T. Motivated, involved, takes ownership, lover of community, a force for good. It’s like the universe created Kim for the Evansville Region, to be a champion for change at a time when our region is ready for growth, and begging to become the best version for future generations. 

Kim is not only a newcomer, she’s also a boomerang! In 2014, she moved to Evansville from Atlanta, GA to teach music for the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation (EVSC). Score! We captured her! Then the pandemic brought her back to Atlanta, but the call of the Midwest Magic was too strong. Kim knew that Evansville had become home, so she boomranged back in 2020. Kim chose the Evansville Region TWICE, and we plan to keep her! #dibs #finderskeepers


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