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Jaimie's e-story: Living Small to Impact Big

We are convinced that Jaimie Sheth is a superhero in disguise. That’s the only *logical* way to explain how quickly she makes such a huge impact around the world without breaking a sweat! 

Jaimie is the CEO and President of the JD Sheth Foundation, a global non-profit that focuses on the education, health, and well being of others, specifically children and the elderly. Since its formation in 2015, JD Sheth has built 24 homes for those living in extreme poverty in Belize, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. They’ve provided clean drinking water, solar panels for school, and modern kitchen appliances all over the world. 

Not only does Jaimie make a global impact, but she focuses her efforts right here in the Evansville Region. Locally, Jaimie and the JD Sheth Foundation have built housing for Veterans, provided necessary equipment to nonprofits and local schools, and built a pocket park for Veterans. Now you’re convinced she’s a superhero too, aren’t you? 

Jaimie moved to Evansville from Chicago when she was 13. As she would describe it, she had to, and left on the first plane out when she could. She spent almost two decades in Los Angeles and San Francisco. When she boomeranged back to care for her aging parents, she wasn’t sure what the region would be like. To her pleasant surprise, the Evansville Region had grown into the home she was looking for. 

Jaimie Sheth

See Your Impact

“You can see your impact here.  In Evansville, you can see how our work transforms lives.  It's very rewarding.”


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Now, with her eyes toward progress, Jaimie has rooted herself in the Evansville Region to create global impact. Our region is fortunate to have Jaimie and the JD Sheth Foundation in our corner. 

What’s next for the JD Sheth Foundation? With a superhero leading the way, we know the sky’s the limit! Learn more about Future Projects and get involved today! 

JD Sheth
Pocket Park for Veterans
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