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Out of This World Development in Haynie's Corner

Out of this world in Haynie’s Corner: A new development and restaurant are in the works for the Haynie's Corner Arts District!

Having the city’s only arts district designation, Haynie’s Corner is a unique area, hosting 21 and over gatherings as well as family friendly events throughout the year. The area features restaurants, pubs, art galleries, renovated luxury apartments and distinctive shops. Surrounded by family homes and apartments for young adults, the corner is often filled with people and dogs walking, sitting or enjoying a quick jump in the landmark fountain on a hot day. 

Beam Me Up!

Part of this expanding community is a new 3-story building! Work has begun on the new development that features a restaurant, hotel, and yoga studio at 15 Jefferson Avenue next to The Colours condos. The new restaurant will be known as the Cosmic Egg and will feature a cafe, pizzeria, and bar.


Design Work: LA+D and Mominee Design Build


Additional details on the complex will be released at a later date.

cosmic egg

We don’t know about you, but we are in a different dimension about this development in Haynie’s Corner!

Did you know?

The countdown begins for Monday, April 8, 2024 when a total solar eclipse will trace a narrow path across the Evansville Region.