Abby's e-story: A Great Place to Be

If a rainbow was a person, Abby Murphy would be it. She’s vibrant, cheery, and colorful. A refraction of light that brings a smile to everyone she meets.

She chooses the Evansville Region to find her “people”; fellow rainbows in the River City. 

As a Bloomington, IN native, Abby found herself in the Evansville Region for love and professional growth. As the voice of our generation, T-Swift, would say “Can I go where you go?”. Love brought her, but what keeps Abby here is Opportunity, Forward Mobility, Community Connection… and love ;) 

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The Place to Be

“It’s a great place to raise a family, but beyond that it’s a great place to be.”


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Abby knows that Evansville is what you make it. The people of Evansville are kind hearted and proud of their region, they are close knit but happy to embrace new faces. There is a wealth of opportunity in this region, for those willing to exert the effort. Evansville is rich in resources and experiences, it is a great place to both be young and grow old. 

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