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Food Trucks at the Farm

Farm 57 Evansville Region

Every week, hundreds of hungry bellies gather at Farm 57's "Food Trucks at the Farm" for the ultimate culinary adventure.

For over a decade the Evansville food truck scene has grown and flourished. Local foodies are known to keep tabs on their favorite truck's schedules so they never miss a chance to savor the flavor! Farm 57's "Food Trucks at the Farm" event is the best opportunity to try dishes from multiple food trucks, all in one place.

But, Food Trucks at the Farm is more than just good food and music, its a mecca of family-friendly entertainment!


What is Farm 57?

Farm 57 is an Evansville Region gem, located on Evansville's North side.

Here, you'll find a farm market, greenhouse, coffee shop, and a weekly food truck gathering.

‼ They are currently rebuilding their greenhouse and market due to a recent fire. Follow along on their Facebook Page for updates on when you can shop for gifts and unique products again!

Looking to support Farm 57? Read more below about the Food Trucks at the Farm and we'll see ya there.




Farm 57 Food Truck Music

What is Food Trucks at the Farm?

Every Wednesday, Spring through Fall, Farm 57 hosts one of the most popular gatherings in town.

Food Trucks at the Farm includes multiple food trucks, plenty of seating, live music by popular musicians, a bar, coffee, ice cream, playground, and more!

Hundreds of guests and their families head to the Farm to relax in the sunshine and enjoy a meal. If you've been dying to try a certain food truck, or you're following your favorite one, this is the place to be! 

Be sure to follow the Farm 57 Facebook page for weekly event updates!



Learn More About The Owner of Farm 57 Here.

Settling back into Evansville, Stephanie found herself drawn to the idea of entrepreneurship. Inspired by the thriving local food scene and the city's appetite for creativity, she embarked on a journey to bring her vision to life. Farm 57 was born—a cozy farm market with seasonal events, like Food Trucks at the Farm. Read her full story here – Stephanie's e-story: A Connected Community



Looking for More Evansville Region Food Trucks?

New food trucks are popping up all the time! Cuisines range from gourmet burgers and fries, authentic Mexican, hibachi, Colombian, Venezuelan food, and sweet treats.

For information on the newest, most popular, and most delicious food trucks in the Evansville area, visit the Evansville Food Trucks Facebook Page

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