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Don’t Move to Evansville Before You Know These 3 Things

Think Evansville is the perfect place to put down roots? Here's the BTS scoop you need to know before you make the move 👇

Finding a place you love to call home isn’t always easy. It’s about finding that magic combination; you know, that perfect mix of things that checks all the boxes ✅ But that combination varies from person to person, so finding your favorite hometown can feel a little bit of a gamble. 

Now, we may be just a *wee* bit biased, but Evansville is our favorite place to call home. Don’t get it wrong - we’re not here to convince you to move here; we’re just here to help you consider all of your options, including the Evansville Region.

So, if you’re wondering if the Evansville Region’s the place for you, here’s what you need to know before you make the move.

Don’t Move Here If You Don’t Appreciate a Low Cost of Living

Evansville might be one of the only places where you’ll get more than what you pay for, especially when it comes to the cost of living. You see, ‘round these parts, we’re not keen on overpaying for housing, food, or entertainment. In fact, we all embrace a glorious cost of living that’s 7% lower than the national average. 🤯

Whether that’s treating yourself to one of the many new and drool-worthy restaurants around the area, taking a lil stay-cation at some of the most unique and indulgent local AirBnBs, or attending one of the many cultural and artistic events, the odds are good that you’ll enjoy having a little bit more petty cash saved in reserve for the things that bring you joy.

Don’t Move Here If You Don’t Love Festivals & Events

Evansville may offer a quieter pace of living than you’d find in big cities, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that the Evansville Region is a snooze fest. There is a virtually endless amount of fun things to do in Evansville, including the diverse range of festivals and events that happen all year round.

In the Spring, you can join in at the local salsa dance club 💃, soak in the greenery at the Evansville Home Show, or even catch off-broadway performances like Jesus Christ Superstar at Aiken Theatre.

But by the time Summer rolls through, you’ll never run out of events and activities. From open-air festivals filled with the smell of caramel corn and corn dogs to big-name recording artists like Jason Aldean, the Evansville area truly comes to life in the dog days of Summer. 

When the cooler Fall temps start to roll in by September, things don’t slow down; instead, participants don sweaters, flannels, and gloves to enjoy the beauty of the largest old-growth deciduous forest within city limits. Bask in the golden splendor as the leaves turn from green to hues of russet, cognac, and amber. Or, if the weather isn’t cooperating, you can head inside to the Mesker Park Botanic Gardens. 🌴

Long story short, no matter the season, there are plenty of events and activities to keep you entertained all year long.


Don’t Move Here If You Can’t Embrace Midwest Magic

The illusive concept of 💫 Midwest Magic 💫 can feel foreign at first. When you’re surrounded daily by the hustle and bustle of the big city, it can be easy to grow accustomed to the aloofness of trodding through your daily routine with little human interaction. 

Maybe it’s that feeling you get when someone holds the door for you, or maybe you’ve sensed it when a stranger stops to help you change a flat tire. Wherever you’ve experienced Midwest Magic, you know that it’s that intangible vibe that you can’t seem to nail down. 

Midwest Magic happens when you least expect it, but it often happens when you need it the most. From the friendly helping hands of neighbors next door to that genuine smile from your local barista, there’s no doubt about it - Midwest Magic runs deep in this neck of the woods. 


Make Evansville Your Home with the Belong Here Program

Look, we’re not here to change your mind and convince you to pack up your belongings and move to Evansville - because we don’t need to. It’s clear to see that it’s easy to love calling the Evansville Region your home. From a low cost of living to entertainment and events galore, you’ll never grow tired of living here.

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Did you know?

Evansville is the 3rd largest city in Indiana, serving as a major financial hub for the Tri-State area!