No Ice, Ice, Baby!

Dom's e-story: A Place for Opportunity

Dom Poggi

When Dominic Poggi moved to Evansville, he knew that something was missing… something never-before-seen in the Region… something that pairs flippers and pucks… You guessed it! Underwater Hockey! 

Yes, it’s a real thing! 

Picture this: a team of players, donned in wetsuits and flippers, gliding effortlessly through the underwater arena at the Deaconess Aquatic Center. The Evansville Penguins are more than just a sports team; they're a school of fish, a pod of porpoises, a team of turtles, a parade of penguins, if you will! Their synchronized movements and uncanny teamwork are a sight to behold. It's like watching a ballet, but underwater, and with pucks!

Dom knew that he could make his underwater penguin dreams a reality in Evansville because of the endless support available in the community. 


A Place for All Kinds

“Evansville is the kind of place that's ripe for creators of all kinds. It's a big, little city where you can have an impact without getting lost in a sea of distractions.”



Learn more about Dom

Not only has Dom made his own impact on the local sports scene, but by day, he helps entrepreneurs, dreamers and business owners reach their highest potential as the Regional Director of the Southwest Indiana Small Business Development Center. Dom and his team of business experts are here to help businesses at every step of their journey! 

On land, and underwater, Dom is the flipperin’ coolest! 

Evansville Penguins Underwater Hockey Team