Carmen's e-story: A Community for Life

Growing up in Evansville, Carmen Alford has found her niche here through the University of Evansville and an active group of friends in the city.

As a UE graduate student, Carmen is training to care for fellow Hoosiers as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. With two major hospital systems, Ascension St Vincent & Deaconess, Carmen sees the opportunity to thrive here. She has a passion to help others and grow alongside them that will continue to advance the level of care for others in our city.. We’re patelling you Carmen Alford is going tibia great physician in the Evansville Region!

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Evansville is...

“It's that big city with a hometown feel where you can really belong.”



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Like a true Evansvillian, Carmen’s favorite local event is the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival, hosted the first full week of October every year for over a century. This Evansville staple is a deep-fried good time with over 120 food booths, carnival rides, games, and entertainment. 

On the rare occasion that Carmen has free time from classes, she spends it playing “sands” (sand volleyball) with her friends at one of the Wesselman Woods courts. The Evansville Region offers a plethora of outdoor recreation activities to stay active and avoid needing to visit Dr. Carmen at work. ;)

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