Zach's e-story: A City of Growth

Zach Garcia

Zach Garcia chose the Evansville Region to make an environmental impact. If you ask him, he’d say that he “has an environmental and ecological agenda” and he’s “not leaving until it’s finished!”

What makes Zach a regional treasure is his passion; passion for the Woods, passion for people, and his passion for the Earth. If you didn’t care about the environment and trees before meeting him, give him ten minutes, and you’ll feel your heartstrings being plucked. His passion is contagious! 

Zach Garcia

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At 32, Zach is the Executive Director of the largest urban, old-growth forest in the United States: Wesselman Woods. He wouldn’t tell you about the impact he’s had on the community, so allow us to brag on him! Under Zach’s leadership, Wesselman Woods recently announced a 90-acre expansion to the urban nature preserve. These 90 acres will be reforested using seed banks from trees that have been present at Wesselman for 400 years. According to Zach, this will provide genetically diverse trees that can withstand the effects of climate change. On top of the reforestation, there are also plans for a new Nature Center and other park amenities. Impressive, right?? 

If you’re looking to reconnect with nature, visit Zach at Wesselman Woods! Tell him e sent you!

Zach Garcia