Slice, Slice, Baby!

Brad's e-story: A Sense of Purpose

While other Purdue students were busy doing Fountain Runs during Boiler Gold Rush, Brad Niemeier was honing his entrepreneurial spirit by selling pizzas out of his dorm room. Who’s a better test audience for wild pizza flavors than college students?!

These late-night pizza hankerings became the foundation that Azzip Pizza was built on. In 2012, Brad presented his idea and won the Burton D Morgan Business Plan Competition at Purdue University, earning $20,000 to start his business. By 2014, the first Azzip Pizza opened on Evansville’s West Side. 



Take a Risk

“I hope Evansville continues to see new entrepreneurs willing to take a risk and start new businesses, especially locally owned food projects.”




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Brad’s entrepreneurial spirit is palpable. You can’t help, but feel like the sky's the limit when you talk to him. With unwavering determination, Brad poured his heart and soul into making his dream a reality. He meticulously crafted the concept for Azzip Pizza, a place where customers could choose their dough, sauces, cheeses, and toppings, creating a personalized culinary masterpiece. Brad envisioned a warm and inviting atmosphere where families and friends could gather to enjoy delicious food and create unforgettable memories.

Since then, Azzip has nine stores in the state of Indiana and two in Kentucky! Humble beginnings from some drunk (read: studious) college student to a Pizza Paragon. When asked “why Evansville? When you could be anywhere”, for Brad the answer is simple: “I had a higher chance of being a success in Evansville… the support we’ve received from the local community has been outstanding”. 

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