They have what?!

Top 10 Weirdest Foods at the 2023 Fall Festival That You've Gotta Try

Fall is in the air, and in Evansville, Indiana that means one thing… The West Side Nut Club Fall Festival is here!

Every October the West Side Nut Club organizes and sponsors a Fall Festival on the west side of Evansville along Franklin Street with free entertainment, carnival attractions, a parade, a chance to win lots of money in the half pot contest, and 137 food booths ran only by non-profit organizations. This event attracts over 200,000 people to the West Side and is considered one the the largest street festivals in the United States!

There are all kinds of delicious bites you can find among the 137 food booths! From classic fair foods like funnel cakes and lemon shake-ups to corn dogs and anything deep-fried you can possibly imagine, you can find just about anything. One of the local's favorite things about the Fall Festival is the crazy weird foods you can't find anywhere else.

Here are our top 10 weirdest food you can find at this years Fall Festival:


1. Brain Sandwich - Booth #4: The most iconic and possibly weirdest food you can find at the Fall Festival at the Nile Patrol Brain booth. It’s a mind-blowing experience you don’t want to miss.

2. NOT Fried Chicken Ice Cream - Booth #99: Get ready to play a delicious prank on your friends at the Harwood Booster Club booth. Try their deceptive ice cream that looks EXACTLY like fried chicken.

3. Donut Burger - Booth #41: Sweet AND savory?! Yes, please. Head to the Grace and Peace Lutheran booth for a juicy burger that’s sandwiched between two glazed donuts. 

4. Tomahawk Chop - Booth #45: What if we told you that you could get a pork chop twice the size of your head? Yeah, we’re on our way too. We’ll see you at the Boy Scout Troop 374 booth! 

5. Gator Burger - Booth #108: It Takes a Village is flipping the script on burgers with their Gator Burger. Say “See you later, alligator” to ordinary beef burgers.

6. Freeze-Dried Skittles - Booth #42: The Armstrong Recreational Center is redefining Skittles and freeze-dried them as a tasty snack that’s truly out of this world.

7. Fat Elvis Pie - Booth #86: The Chandler UMC booth is serving up a pie stuffed with chocolate goodness in honor of the king himself, Elvis Presley. We’ll take it! Thank you, thank you very much.

8. Elephant Tears - Booth #81: Ever seen an elephant cry? We haven’t either. But we can imagine how big their tears might be with the Special Olympics booth serving a huge sweet cinnamon treat that’s perfect to share with friends.

9. Grippos Crusted Grilled Cheese Sandwich - Booth #133: It’s simple: a grilled cheese coated with a layer of Grippos. This spicy but delicious creation found at the Perry Heights Middle School booth is a flavor explosion.

10. Koolaid Pickle Slushies - Booth #99: Koolaid + Pickles = The perfect (and weird) slushie combination. This beverage is available at the Harwood Booster Club booth and is sure to quench your thirst after trying all the weird foods at Fall Fest.

munchie map 2023

2023 Official Munchie Map

Our top 10 weirdest foods along with all the other delicious treats at this year's Fall Festival can be found on the official Munchie Map created by the West Side Nut Club making it easy to plan your menu. Will you be trying any of the weird foods we mentioned? We know we are! Be sure to tag @eisforeveryone in all of your awesome food finds. 

Did you know?

The West Side Nut Club Fall Festival is the official 2023 winner of the #1 Fall Festival in the USA!