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Parlor Doughnuts: From Humble Beginnings to Nationwide Expansion

Parlor Doughnuts’ delicious journey began right here in Evansville, Indiana

What started as a small, craft doughnut and coffee shop in Downtown Evansville, Indiana, has now become a national chain with shops across the country, and more on the way. Since 2019, Parlour Doughnuts has rapidly grown into a wildly successful and super-sweet business enjoyed by people of all ages.

Founded by Darrick Hayden in partnership with Josh Tudela, the first Parlor Doughnuts shop opened in Evansville, Indiana in February 2019. Owners and staff were immediately thrilled with the amount of support they received. The shop was flooded with people, lines stretched out the door and down the sidewalk for months. Noticing the popularity, a second shop was opened less than a year later at 301 North Green River Road in Evansville. Since then, this humble little doughnut shop has become the cream of the crop.

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What's In a Name? 

The name “Parlor” was inspired by a time when the parlor was known as the most special room in the house. It was where people gathered together, socialized, and sat upon the finest furniture. Similarly, Parlor Doughnuts creates the perfect atmosphere for socializing that includes high-quality and comfortable furniture in every shop. 

When you step inside a Parlor Doughnuts, you’ll also notice the classic Americana vibe is mixed with modern style design and gold embellishments. Classic Americana decor glazes the walls and pays homage to when the popularity of doughnuts surged during WWI.

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Famous Layered Doughnuts

The goal of Parlor Doughnuts is to provide a unique, inspiring atmosphere for people to enjoy over-the-top bakery items, specialty coffee, and artisanal breakfasts. Their proprietary product, the doughnut itself, had to stand out from the rest. So, instead of traditional cake or yeast-style doughnuts, Parlor opted for layered dough, giving their product a different look, texture, and taste.

After the doughnut base is fried, the outside is crispy, and the inside is light, fluffy, and buttery. Once they cool, they’re frosted and decorated with fruit, nuts, marshmallows, sprinkles, or the most candy-rific combinations you’ve ever seen! 

Daily, you can find over 20 flavors available, including strawberry shortcake, churro, bourbon caramel, and campfire – a delicious take on s’mores. As the seasons change, clever seasonal flavors emerge, like cherry cheesecake and huckleberry honey glazed. Trust us, they all taste just as good as they look. 

The best part: no matter what time of day you visit, you won’t find a stale doughnut at Parlor Doughnuts. These yummy treats are made fresh in small batches all day long, every day. 

In addition to their beautiful layered doughnuts, Parlor is dedicated to including something for everyone on the menu, even Doggie Doughnuts for your pup. For those with dietary restrictions, vegan, gluten-free, keto-friendly doughnuts, and dairy-free milkshakes are available as well as avocado toast, breakfast tacos, acai bowls, and oatmeal. 

So, what else does this artisan doughnut shop offer? That’s right: specialty coffee.

Serving the Best Coffee Possible 

Through their travels, Parlor Doughnuts co-founder Darrick Hayden, and his son, Noah, grew their appreciation of quality doughnuts and coffee. In 2015, Noah launched “Proper Coffee Roasters” in Evansville, Indiana, with the goal to serve the best coffee possible.  In 2019, Proper Coffee left their flagship location and merged with Parlor Doughnuts.

Today, Proper Coffee is sold in all Parlor Doughnut shops across the United States. In addition to the daily coffee and latte menu, Parlor offers unique seasonal coffee flavors like pumpkin chai and strawberry milk lattes. 

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Parlor Doughnuts - Evansville and Beyond

From a small, cozy space in Downtown Evansville, Indiana to 14 states across the United States, Parlor Doughnuts is proud to call Evansville “home”. Parlor Doughnuts headquarters sits at 204 Main Street in what is known as the historic Bitterman Building. This flagship location includes a two-story seating area, a training kitchen, and a coffee roaster. Every day, patrons from all over the Evansville Region stop in to meet with friends, grab breakfast, and hold casual business meetings.

With 52 locations today and many more on the way, you’re sure to find a shop near you!