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Halloween Costumes for the Family

Deck yourself out in the finery of the chilling. There’s a costume for whatever you want to transform into this Halloween season at this locally owned costume shop. They offer all the eerie accessories, masks, and makeup to complete your look!

When you step inside the Nick Nackery, you’re likely to stop dead in your tracks. Holiday decorations, masks, and accessories are here, there, and everywhere. Once you’ve gotten your bearings, you’ll start to wander in and out of several small rooms and hallways. From room to room, you may walk up a small ramp, or climb a creaky stair or two. By now, you’re having fun just making your way through the Evansville store.

The Nick Nackery has a massive variety of Halloween costumes for all your spooky needs. You can find something there for any age, including a cutesy multicolor lollipop, a nightmarish funhouse freak, and a silly superfood avocado. 

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A Costume Store with Personality 

The Nick Nackery is nothing like your typical big-box costume warehouse. There are no bland empty walls, no shiny tiled floors. Instead there’s a cauldron of personality and a graveyard's worth of spookiness to uncover.

Once you’ve grabbed a few of your favorite costumes, you’ll start looking for the perfect accessories to complete your look. From jewelry, to makeup, to wigs, and wings, you’re sure to be the talk of your Halloween party.  

When you head to the checkout counter, you’re greeted by a friendly Evansville Region local that has just as much passion for all things festive as you do. By the time you leave, you’re already planning your next trip to the Nick Nackery. Who knows what you’ll find next time?


1,000s of Halloween Costumes

Kids, tweens, teens, and adults. The Nick Nackery has your costume needs covered. Whether you’re looking for something goofy, scary, or sparkly, there are thousands of costumes to choose from. 

Children and Tween Halloween Costumes

Halloween dreams come true for every kiddo at the Nick Nackery! The store has countless costume options to suit any child’s taste. Parents know that with a growing child, it's impossible to reuse costumes from year to year. Luckily, the wide selection of children and tween costumes available at the Nick Nackery are easy on the wallet. 

Adult Halloween Costumes

As an adult (especially if you love spooky season), your Halloween costume is a big deal. Because you have parties to attend, Halloween office gatherings, and trick-or-treating with the kids, the Nick Nackery is the place to go. 

Freak out your friends with a scary, gorey look, or dress like a wicked princess for an evening. Disguise yourself with a long, black wig. Take your vampire costume to the next level with a set of primal contact lenses. To become completely unrecognizable, sweep up a goofy, bloody, or mystical mask. The options are endless!

Although shopping at the store in person is a worthwhile experience in itself, the Nick Nackery has an online store where you can browse and purchase costumes to be shipped straight to your front door. 

Hollywood Makeup Classes

Another reason that the Nick Nackery is a hauntingly great Evansville destination are the Spooktacular Makeup Classes led by Dave Snyder, an Emmy Award-winning makeup artist. The spine-chilling classes offered by Dave generously share his professional wisdom with a large group of enthusiastic makeup artists. 

Make-up artists in the making, special effects enthusiasts, and fans of the craft who attended and were thrilled to soak in Dave’s knowledge.

Keep tabs on the Nick Nackey’s Facebook Page for updates on more upcoming classes!


Locally Owned for Over Three Decades

This locally owned gem stays busy year round, but when spooky season arrives, Evansville natives and visitors swarm the shop, looking for this year’s hottest Halloween looks.

Since 1985, the Nick Nackery has been a holiday costume and supplies destination for kids and adults alike. One of the most special parts of this store is its longevity. Parents today shopped there as kids, and are now visiting the Nick Nackery with their own children, keeping the tradition alive.


Other Holidays and Parties

The Nick Nackery isn't just Halloween. They cover all the bases! Don't forget to stop by throughout the year for festive gifts, Christmas party supplies, and more.

The Nick Nackery also offers:

- Board games and card games

- Holiday Home Decor

- Santa Suit Rentals

- Party Supplies

- Foam Parties

- Gifts


The Nick Nackery is located at 201 East Virginia Street in Evansville, Indiana. They are open Monday through Saturday 10am-9pm and Sunday 12pm-5pm.

Keep tabs on their Facebook page for changes in hours and for updates on new arrivals and events! To view some of their inventory before you head to the store, or to shop online, visit their website.