You Had Me at Pupusas!

YUM-e: Taqueria Y Pupuseria Miranda

When you go into Taqueria Y Pupuseria Miranda on Washington Avenue in Evansville you immediately feel welcomed. The Barrera’s are a tight knit family from El Salvador who moved here to Southern Indiana for more opportunity. 

Miranda Barrera is passionate about sharing her love of Salvadorian food with the community. It’s a family affair and everything you order is truly made fresh to order. Pupusa’s are of course their specialty. If you’ve never had a pupusa, they are a specialty in El Salvador. Many locals sell pupusas out of their own homes in El Salvador. A pupusa at Miranda’s is made fresh moments after you order it. 

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The thick corn tortilla is made with love and filled with whatever filling you choose. You can fill it with just cheese or you can add beans and pork and really the possibilities are endless. Your pupusas come with a side of coleslaw–ask for the salsa with it. Don’t eat your pupusa like a taco. If you want the true experience tear a piece of the pupusa off and grab some of that coleslaw and take a big bite! The refried red beans were an absolute surprise. For something that is so simple, the flavor was amazing and rich. The red beans are boiled for 6 hours so you can really taste the richness that comes from cooking them for so long. You can add them to any dish for extra flavor. A sweet and refreshing surprise is their Horchata, a sweet Salvadorian drink. It gives you a hint of cinnamon and is made from rice. To end the meal, we tried their Pastelitos, deep fried turnovers that had a great crunch on the outside and soft texture on the inside with chicken and potatoes. Dessert was a yummy deep-fried plantain stuffed with a vanilla pudding covered with cinnamon and sugar. Let’s just say, Miranda will not let you leave hungry!

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Ready to visit?

Taqueria y Pupuseria Miranda

2008 Washington Ave, Evansville, IN 47714

(812) 492-9992