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An Insider's View of Desirable Neighborhoods near Evansville, Indiana

It's a beautiful life in these Evansville neighborhoods! 

Moving to a new area comes with a lot of decisions, and it can all be pretty overwhelming. If you’re unfamiliar with a new city, finding the right neighborhood to call home is one of the biggest challenges. 

We want to help you make your move, so we’ve created a list of some of Evansville’s most desirable neighborhoods that are chalk full of Midwest Magic! If you’re a student, a young professional starting fresh, a family with kids, or a retiree; use this as a guide to help narrow your search.  

Before you know it, you'll be swapping recipes, watching the game, and taking walks with your neighbors.

Plaza Park-min

Evansville's East Side

Melody Hill

Melody Hill is a neighborhood located in Northeast Evansville. This area is in close proximity to schools, is full of well maintained homes, and is ideal for families with children. In this area, you have nearby several options for groceries as well as a wide variety of locally owned and chain restaurants.

Plaza Park

The Plaza Park neighborhood is located on Evansville’s East side, just East of Newburgh. This sought after area is known for its mix of gorgeous older and newer homes, condos and apartments. As you drive through this neighborhood, you’ll find tree lined streets and boulevards, a school, churches, and one of Evansville’s most popular shopping centers; The Evansville Pavilion.

Akin Park

Akin Park is a historic district on Evansville’s Southeast side. Akin Park, itself, is the centerpiece of the neighborhood and sits proudly under large shade trees. Most recently this area has enjoyed a new section of bicycle/pedestrian greenway that runs along the east side of the neighborhood.

Haynies Corner Neighborhood-min

Downtown Evansville Area


Evansville’s Downtown has seen a surge of growth in recent years including the addition of the new hotels, schools, medical facilities, great restaurants, playgrounds, museums, and entertainment options.

This area features quaint streets lined with historic homes as well as modern, energy-efficient apartments and condos. Downtown Evansville’s Economic Improvement District (EID) and the Downtown Neighborhood Association work together with local property owners to beautify the neighborhood, and keep the area clean, safe, and vibrant.

Haynie's Corner Arts District

The Haynie’s Corner Arts District, on Evansville’s South-Central side, sits adjacent to Downtown Evansville. This energetic neighborhood is home to many annual events, including live music shows, art shows, and cultural events, making the area perfect for young professionals and artists. 

Housing options include historic homes, single family homes, and apartments. For those that value convenience; eateries, coffee shops, and bars are just steps away from any home!

Evansville's North Side


This family friendly neighborhood on Evansvile’s North side has some of the most spacious housing lots in Evansville. Many homes are tucked away among the trees for a more quiet, peaceful atmosphere. 

McCutchanville residents enjoy having some of Evansville’s most popular eateries nearby; including the Hornet’s Nest Steakhouse. For golf enthusiasts, you won’t have to travel far to play a round at Oak Meadow Country Club!

North Park

North Park is a small neighborhood located on Evansville’s North side, near the University of Evansville and just a short drive from the University of Southern Indiana. The neighborhood is full of shopping, dining, grocery stores, and convenience stores.

Its mix of housing includes single-family homes, apartments, and townhouses, making this area a great choice for commuting students, young professionals, and families looking for a starter home or a forever home.

Fall Festival

Evansville's West Side


Located on the West side of Evansville, Lamasco is a diverse, historic neighborhood that was once a city in itself. This particular neighborhood includes a portion of West Franklin Street, which is one of the most popular entertainment districts in Evansville, and the street that hosts the Annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival! 

Residents of Lamasco can walk to nearby restaurants, bars, and boutiques or enjoy an afternoon on the West Library Lawn.

Families, young professionals, students, and singles alike flock to this neighborhood for its affordable housing and endless entertainment options.


A Rising Star!


On top of all the well-established neighborhoods that make Evansville an awesome place to live, Jacobsville is one to keep your eye on!

The Jacobsville neighborhood is really making moves. Recent revitalization efforts have focused on this area and have transformed it into a thriving working class neighborhood that is in close proximity to Downtown Evansville. 

Its North Main Streetscape has been completely reinvented and now includes new, safer transportation options for residents. On North Main Street, the Jacobsville neighborhood now enjoys pedestrian friendly curb-extensions at intersections, fully accessible sidewalks, and a two-way buffered bicycle track.

Today, Jacobsville has more affordable housing options including the Forge on Main, a new co-working space; The Foundry On Main, and a DG Market grocery store