Okay, I like it... Picasso!

Evansville's e-clectic Art Vibes: Picasso Meets Local Creativity

Uncover hidden gems: art exhibits await in the Evansville Region!  

The Evansville Museum utilizes its permanent collection and resources to offer diverse educational experiences in our region. And wow have they been busy setting up our Summer for an amazing set of exhibits, some permanent (hint hint PICASSO) and some that are traveling exhibits. 

5 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About The Evansville Museum!


1. The origins of the Museum date all the way back to 1906. Read more about the history of the Evansville Museum here

2. The Museum houses the Koch Immersive Theater & Planetarium where you can see traditional planetarium shows. Read more about the 360° experience here.
3. Education is an important part of the Evansville Museum's mission within the community. They have a library of YouTube videos to back this up! Watch here.
4. The Museum is located on the Ohio Riverfront with an excellent view of the river. Keep up to date on our events here. Hint: keep an eye out for those events held on the "back lawn" where they have music, food, and great views!
5. The more the merrier! They provide guided tours for large groups. Get the fam together and get one on the schedule here.

Picasso Left A Mark On The World!

Pablo Picasso, a Spanish painter and sculptor, is renowned for co-founding Cubism and revolutionizing modern art. His prolific career spanned over 70 years, you heard that right... 70 YEARS!

Pablo Picasso left a mark on the world and now we are excited to see what kind of mark his work leaves on the Evansville Region. The Evansville Museum is presenting a permanent home for Pablo Picasso’s "Seated Woman in Red Hat." The exhibition space will include several Picasso prints and one ceramic piece by the artist, also in the Museum’s permanent collection. There are only two glass Picasso pieces on display in the United States, and we're lucky to be the permanent home to one of them! 

Currently on display at the Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science are 24 prints by Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) on loan from the John Szoke Gallery in New York City. Renowned for his paintings and sculpture, Pablo Picasso also is arguably one of the greatest printmakers of the 20th century. He created thousands of printed images, working in intaglio techniques, lithography and linoleum cut.
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Mid States-min


Step into the captivating realm of the Mid-States Arts and Craft Gallery, where the visions of artists from Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, and Missouri intertwine.

Each brushstroke, each crafted piece, echoes their unique perspectives on the world. This gallery is more than a collection of art; it's a gateway to understanding. It invites you to delve into the past seven decades, exploring the diverse lenses through which our surroundings have been observed.


Hurry on over - this exhibition closes on July 7 2024 – Learn More here.

Did you know?

Art (creating it) can be tremendously beneficial to your health and contribute to overall happiness and mental well-being.