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YUM-e: Azzip Pizza

The idea for Azzip Pizza started in the town of West Lafayette Indiana. It was 2012 at Purdue University. That’s where Founder, Brad Niemeier was a student at the time.

The thing that makes Azzip so unique is not only the ability to customize your own pizza and have it made in front of you. It’s also the flavor that comes with each unique creation. Brad won the Burton D Morgan Business Plan Competition at Purdue University back in 2012. With the help of his friend and accomplished chef, Blake Kollker, the idea of Azzip came to life. The Niemeier family jumped on board for something they had no idea would become so big in so many communities. They now have several locations in Evansville, plus locations across Indiana and Kentucky. Azzip’s first location was on the West side of Evansville in 2014, so of course they had to put a West Sider on the menu. If you’re from Southern Indiana, you know how important the staples of Ski and Grippo’s are to this community. The West Sider gives you all of the flavors from those two ingredients. 


The Grippo’s add this salty crunch and the sweet ski reduction pairs well with the smokiness of the pulled pork. For you out of towners, if you haven’t tried the March Crabness, you are truly missing out. It is their biggest hit with a crab rangoon mix, mozzarella, Thai chili sauce, sweet soy sauce, and crispy wontons. It’s a sweet, salty crunchy delight! I have to say I personally am a big fan of the Potato head and rarely venture out, unless for March Crabness. This time I ventured, and boy was I glad I did. The Sweet Bee bursts with flavor. The thick square zip crust with the hot honey, pepperoni and zip dust was “muah!” If you are new to the area just pop in one of the Azzip locations. You will truly understand why they give a zip. The love they put into the pizza, their community and their people really tells a story all unto itself. Happy eating!

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